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Join Us Today!

Are you interested in becoming a youth organizer for ALYM? Or would you rather volunteer at events and protests? Or are you simply curious to learn more about grassroots organizing?

Regardless of your time commitment and level of involvement, there is a place for everyone in this movement! Keep reading to learn how you can get involved...

Apply to become a Youth Organizer. 

As a youth organizer, you will be involved in various aspects of grassroots organizing, including but not limited to organizing direct actions, policy and legislative advocacy, mutual aid work, digital advocacy (social media activism), base building, canvassing, and political education. As an organizer, you will learn about political theory and acquire different political organizing skills that will help you transform yourself and your community. 

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Join our Finish the 5 Coalition. Let's #FinishThe5!

Our Finish the 5 Coalition is [INSERT DESCRIPTION OF COALITION] and work...

insert link to separate finish the 5 page on button below

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