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July 11th Student-Led Black Lives Matter Protest


Saturday, July 11th, 2020 1-6 PM

March from the Texas Capitol to Austin City Hall

"Austin high school students led a Black Lives Matter protest in Downtown Austin on Saturday. Leaders with the newly formed Austin Liberation Youth Movement (ALYM) organized the event. The group is made up of students from various high schools throughout Austin and was initiated by three local youth activists, Krupali Kumar, Kari Mackernay and Aaron Booe."


“We settled for the civil rights act of ’64. Civil Rights was not solved, it was compromised on. And that’s why we’re here today.”

Pictures from the Protest

"The objective of the demonstration is to increase public pressure on local city governmental officials to defund APD and reinvest this money into restorative justice programs that will help transform and liberate Black and brown communities..."

CBS Austin 

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